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TFR-2011 в цитатах

Просто самое яркое и запомнившееся.

"The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed" (William Gibson, quote cited by David Orban, CEO of dotSub).

"We never really talk about the future, we are only talking about a present in which we don't participate" (Renato Beninatto, ELIA).

"This is not a quote from Chomsky, Witgenstein or your renowned professors and linguists Komissarov and Fedorov" (Noel Myulle, European Commission).

"Translators are the weakest link in the industry chain" (Luigi Muzii, ID2).

"Тенденции российской переводческой школы - феминизация, падение интеллектуального и психофизического уровня, отсутствие глобального и абстрактного мышления" (Андрей Чужакин, МГЛУ).

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