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Башорг нужно читать англоязычный - он смешнее. Чего стоят хотя бы некоторые сегодняшние цитаты:

<Stormscape> If computers get too powerful, we can organize them into a committee -- that will do them in.

<&Sir_Jesus> torrents are made of communism
<&Sir_Jesus> from each according to his upload speed, to each according to his download speed

chupathingy: When in Rome, nail a deity to a piece of wood

<richcollins> christ how long does a reboot take
<w3wsrmn> took him 3 days

Ну и анимешникам посвящается:
<@jamesG> You know those naruto headbands some people actually wear?
<@jamesG> I remember someone refering to them as "Pussy Deflectors"
<@jamesG> I laughed until I saw a female wearing one...

Tags: китайские порномультики, филологические бредни, цитаты
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